Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Inspections

Did you know that a poorly maintained HVAC system can cost you more money due to energy inefficiency? Or that a clogged filter could cause a house fire? An uninspected HVAC system poses a hazard in several different ways. Dirty air ducts could be spreading allergens throughout the home, agitating asthma and allergies. Pests could be making a home inside the ventilation system, which causes extensive damage to the HVAC system as well as your home. There are a myriad of things to look out for, and getting your HVAC system inspected ensures that you catch any problems.

What’s Involved in a HVAC Inspection?

HVAC systems are large, with complicated mechanics that require a professional with industry experience to inspect. When we conduct an HVAC inspection, we look for a few things in particular:

Clogged filters: Air filters are one of the most crucial components of a healthy HVAC system. Dirty air filters need to be either cleaned or replaced, depending on the type of filter. A clogged air filter that is jammed against the mechanisms inside the HVAC system could potentially start a fire, so it’s important to make sure that this crucial element is taken care of! Once you replace or clean the filter, you’ll notice a marked difference in the air quality inside your home.

Ductwork problems: We check for dents or indications that there is air escaping from your ductwork. Fixing these problems will help the HVAC system to run much more efficiently.

Furnace problems: From the color of the furnace flame to the source of any water leaks, we find any problems that may be causing your furnace to run inefficiently.

Air conditioning compressors: Your air conditioning compressors must not be obstructed or the unit tilted in order to run at peak efficiency. We also check for dented or damaged fan blades.

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